Italian Pottery Vases by Bitossi - Aldo Londi. Including tips on pottery marks and pottery identification.

Welcome to my Bitossi Vase Collectors website. Recently, I have become entranced by the famous Italian Ceramics produced by the Bitossi company. Bitossi's wonderful Rimini Blu colored vases - an enchanting blend of blues with a touch of green and purple, reminiscent of the Mediterranean Sea. These very tactile and individually decorated ceramics are known the world over for their unique layers of glazes in various shades of blue.

These distinctive vases were first produced in the early 1950s together with various other ceramics, such as animals, jugs, candle stick holders and even small tabletops. I am collecting information on many of these vintage items and will display them on my site as a reference resource.

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I found out about Bitossi by way of my Rosenthal Vase website: there is some confusion between the Rosenthal porcelain and pottery which is made in Germany, and the ceramics which were made in Italy and imported to the USA by the company Rosenthal Netter. So I have devoted some space to vases which bear the Rosenthal Netter label, as well as the Raymor label, which also imported (and sometimes commissioned ) Italian pottery. Not everything that these two American companies imported was made by Bitossi.
Rimini Blu was created by the famous artist Aldo Londi, who lived from 1911 to 2003. He was born in Montelupo near Florence, and when he was 11 years old, he started working for a ceramics manufacturer. After being a prisoner during the Second World War, Londi returned to Italy, having kept up his interest and skills in pottery design. In 1946  Bitossi appointed him Artistic  Director  - a post that he held for more than 50 years.

In addition, Aldo Londi created many other ceramics that were decorated in different colors and color combinations: bright red, orange, yellow and green by themselves. Different layers of brown combined; partially glazed vases; a seemingly endless variety and delightful display of rich color. 

In 2006 Bitossi started reissuing some Londi designs made between 1950 and 1970. Various vases, figurines and other items are now available for purchase - brand new. The reissues are made by hand, just as the originals were. The new items have been stamped with the modern Bistossi mark:
Several other prominent ceramic designers continue the artistic tradition at Bitossi:
Shiva Florero, Piero Fornasetti, Arik Levy, Karim Raschid
, and Ettore Sotsass

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